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Over the last decade, CTA has created rich, reliable, seasoned resources to continue the growth and success of your coaching skill set and your coaching practice. Our course selection, ranging from niche specific deep coaching knowledge to broad ever-useful coaching tool sets, were selected and created with you, the active, practicing coach in mind.

Our goal at CTA is to enable and fuel your journey as a coach by providing the inspiration, disciplines and “best” talent and training the coaching world has to offer. Your continued education makes our community better, and significantly improves your ability to grow as a professional, succeed as a coach and celebrate unprecedented levels of coaching success!

Let us fuel your excellence in coaching . . .


The Art and Science Series*  Devoted to helping you discover your area of specialization and developing it into a profitable coaching niche.  Each program goes beyond the typical "how to" information (the science) and immerses the student in the subtleties and nuances (the art) that truly make for masterful coaching.  Our Expert Guides, who are the best and brightest professionals in the industry, are contributing their expertise in these dynamic teleclasses. 

Specialize your practice to gain more credibility, have more control, and earn higher fees. Grow your own profitable niche in the coaching business in one of these specialty areas:

The Art & Science of...

Coaching Groups

Coaching Couples

Coaching Wellness

Coaching Professionals

Coaching Career Transitions

Using DISC

Coaching Transitions: Life Changes

Coaching Divorce


Please check out the Sage & Scholars Guide products that are associated with the Art & Science Series.


The Nuts and Bolts of Coaching is truly "just-in-time learning."  Now that you are ready to catapult your business, coaching influence and success to the next level, these brilliantly designed and delivered programs are available to provide you with exactly what you need at just- the-right-time. 

Designed and facilitated by our faculty of highly successful, respected experts in the coaching industry, our programs are are offered on these topics:



Coaching Systems and Graduate Programs

When it comes to getting your 'act together' as a coach, there's nothing better, faster, or easier than using a system. The coaching systems featured below provide an integrated, step-by-step structure for establishing purpose and achieving objectives with your clients.


A comprehensive program to License and Specialty-Certify Professionals to recognize and mentor a New Money Story® to master the art and science of financial empowerment. Learn more...


Core Coaching for Effective Change
Yoga2Life will use your experience with yoga (as student or teacher) to intuitively connect with your ability to coach others. This course will draw upon your yoga training and develop your ability to create on-going collaborative partnerships. Learn more...


Deep and Dynamic Coaching Mastery Training
Foundationally grounded in the understanding that coaching is a disciplined practice, this 12-week ICF approved* course drills down into the 11 Core Competencies as outlined by the ICF. This coach specific training earns participants 24 Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEU's) with the International Coach Federation under the category of Core Competencies. Learn more...


Living a Purposeful Life and Leaving a Powerful Legacy
How to live your life on purpose, and create a legacy that will make the world a better place for generations to come.

Throughout this 6-session course, participants are invited to develop their definition of “Intentional, Purposeful Living.” Participants will come away with a personal mission statement, development of a personal value system and other tangible items that will help activate a life of purpose. The course focuses on building a definition of holistic success that transcends our personal legacy, and helps participants build an action plan for leaving a lasting legacy. Learn more...


Career Coaching Mastery Program
Guiding Your Clients to Finding Work, Enjoying Their Work, and Enjoying Their Lives

Whether one of your clients is in need of a new job, a new career, a new way of dealing with a challenge at work, the process for helping them achieve what they want stays the same. What changes is the specific issue your client is facing.

The Career Coaching Mastery Program is a graduate level course that walks participants through the process, step-by-step, of how to coach career transitions. Participants will learn the specific how to’s in detail, and will walk away with a career coaching program (filled with resources, web-sites, worksheets, etc.), that they can use to coach their clients, customize, and call their own. Learn more...


CDC Logo

CDC Certified Divorce Coach,The Gold Standard of Divorce Coaching™

Divorce is everywhere - in all ages and circumstances.  And clients need your help to think clearly and make decisions that serve them better. You are their thinking partner and champion. And you know in your heart there is a better way to handle divorce.

CDC Certified Divorce Coach® is part of a professional movement to serve the public before, during, and/or after their Dissolution of Marriage (divorce). The process for becoming a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® involves training and study through the CDC College for Divorce Coaching® and certification by the CDC Board of Standards™ Learn more...


What's Your EQ?

Emotional Intelligence Licensing Workshop Become licensed to use the Emotional Intelligence Profile, the most comprehensive EI assessment on the market today. Dr. Laura Belsten, MCC is personally training a limited number of coaches to effectively build their practice using this proven instrument. Learn more...



New Life Story Coach Training

New Life Story Coach Training and Licensing A complete, turnkey system for coaching clients to the life they've always wanted. With this program—and the guidance of David Krueger, MD—you coach clients in writing new chapters into their lives they never thought possible. Become licensed to use a program that enables you to increase the length of your coaching engagements 6-12 months, and more. Learn more...



Dr. Jonny Bowden's Diet Boot Camp System


Weight Loss Coaching System Become an Authorized Coach of Dr. Jonny Bowden's Diet Boot Camp System. Deliver a trademarked, three dimensional program that employs mind/body connection training for amazing results. Empower your clients (and yourself) to look fitter, feel happier, and be more productive. Learn more...




Opposite Strengths

Opposite Strengths® When you become an Opposite Strengths Certified Excecutive Coach, you will propel your coaching business to a whole new level. It's all about becoming a successful executive coach doing the work you love to do - and receiving the financial rewards that go along with it. Meticulously designed to lead both experienced executive coaches, and life coaches who want to move into executive coaching, through building a solid, successful business into six figures and beyond, the Opposite Strengths Coaching System is everything you've come to expect from psychologist and executive coach Dr. Tommy Thomas, developer of the premier executive coaching system available! Learn more...



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Dr. Laura Belsten, author and developer of the Emotional Intelligence Profile.

Laura Belsten, Ph.D.
Master Certified Coach
Dean-Graduate School

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